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Myrtle Beach Cosmetic Dentist


"I have spent a lifetime avoiding dentists . . . . my daughters went to dentists and orthodontists regularly, but I always had an excuse to not go. But, it came to a point that not only was I was embarrassed to smile . . . because of all the gaps and irregularity of my teeth . . . but I had also begun to grind my teeth due to misalignments. Also, because of the gaps I could not chew meat. So, when we retired to Myrtle Beach, I made a commitment to myself that I could actually get my teeth fixed.

I interviewed Dr. Pournaras and his office staff because I knew I was going to be a difficult patient . . . . a hypersensitive gag reflex, an aversion to suctioning and the sound of that awful drill. It only took that one interview visit that I decided that I wanted Dr. Pournaras and his wonderful staff to take care of me. Everything was done so professionally and with everyone watching out for my "phobias" that now I am so grateful for everything Dr Pournaras has done. My husband used to digitally "doctor up" my photos on the computer and now I am so happy to smile because the first time in 30 years, it is a pretty smile and he doesn't have to "doctor" my photos anymore. I now feel that I really belong in South Carolina with its motto "Beautiful Places -Smiling Faces."


"Have been going here since arriving in Myrtle Beach at least 13 years or so. Great work and communicates effectively. Staff has longevity in the practice as well."
-Ann R., Myrtle Beach 

"Dr. Pournaras is the best dentist at the beach! I've been going to him now for 4 years and he is the only dentist I've ever been to where I was comfortable and not nervous about the dentistry work I was going to receive." -Jeff W., Myrtle Beach